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Wahl Professional 8331 All Star Combo

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  • red blade guards
  • professional length cords

Wahl All Star Combo-Peanut and Designer Clipper/Trimmer Combo for Hair Cutting - WAHL DESIGNER CLIPPER This amazing designer clipper boasts Twice the speed of pivot motor clippers. It has the ability to create variable tapers and textures with its high precision blades and 6 cutting guides.Professional clipper, High precision blades, 6 cutting guides (1/8" to 1")WAHL CLASSIC PEANUT CLIPPER/TRIMMER All the power of a regular clipper or trimmer with half the size. This small 4" peanut-shaped clipper is excellent for trimming and making clean edges. It comes with four different sized guiding attachments so it can be used for multiple lengths of hair. This pint sized clipper sure packs a punch Only 4" long, Made in the USA, Comes with 4 Guiding Attachments: 1/4", 1/8", 3/8", 1/2"