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Berrywell Augenblick CHESTNUT (No. 5.1) RED REDDISH Tint Hair Dye from Germany


Chestnut is a very balanced shade of red which strikes a balance between fashionably colored. The lighter the natural hair is, the more striking the gorgeous chestnut look is with BERRYWELL® no. 5.1 Chestnut. An attractive, gentle chestnut shine starting with mid-brown hair. hair. THIS ITEM MUST BE MIXED WITH A DEVELOPER . Berrywell Augenblick hair dye from Germany is the leading European seller. Each .5 oz. tube is enough for 50+ applications. Your client will be so excited and will return to you every 3 to 4 weeks to do it again. The results are great. *** THIS ITEM IS FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY***